Murano art glass vase "Picasso" A75

Murano art  glass vase "Picasso" A75
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Murano art  glass vase "Picasso" A75
9.5" high, 7.5" wide. 100% hand-blown art glass by Murano artist. Inspired by Picasso's paintings. Low price direct from the manufacturer. Company address: Square & Circle Intl., 1221 Liberty Way, Suite B, Vista, CA 92081.

Fun Facts: What is Murano Art Glass?

Glass, first discovered by humans before 2000BC, is a substance made primarily of silica heated at high temperatures together with borates or phosphates. Glass is cooled to a solid state without the coming-back of crystallization; heat can melt glass again to a liquid form. Glass can also be clear, translucent or opaque. Color varies with the added ingredients.

Glass, when heated to a certain degree, can work like plastic and be shaped by means of several techniques. Depending on the composition, some glass will melt at temperatures as low as 500° C (900° F); others melt only at 1650° C (3180° F). Mouth-blown glass, which is typical of Murano art glass, is made from this outstanding property. When glass is in the hands of a Murano artist, it works like magic.

In the old days, glass melts in clay pots heated by wood or coal. In modern glass plants, most glass is melted in large furnaces heated by gas, oil, or electricity. Coal is also used where supply is plenty. Our Leo Murano glass is heated by Coal, which keeps the furnace work 24 hours/7 days a week.

The world famous “Murano Art Glass”, as an art style, was originated in Venice in Italy in the 15th century. Since then, countless workshops emerged and were heavily concentrated on the island of Murano, whose business dominated the European market until 1700. At first the glassware were clear and were called cristallo, then artists in the late 16th century created more delicate forms. These blowers found more and more material which could work together with glass and developed great pieces such as filigree glass. Glass was stretched or twisted like ropes or laces(see our glass handbags & baskets), opaque glass were made with threads or incorporated with ambitious pictorial pattern(see our vases & bowls).

The technique of making Murano Art Glass soon spread to other countries in Europe like France, and Netherlands, and later, to America as well as Asia. Just like other art expressions as painting and sculpture, Murano art has become one of the top collectibles nowadays. Collectors who purchase this art is not only buying a glass object, but a wonderful piece of European history and great art heritage. True Murano art is always 100% handblown, using the top quality silica and very expensive ingredients.

Art glass is also considered to have a magic power to repel evil energy and bring good luck to the house.